By Jennifer Brookins

It was shocking to my soul
How softly the night fell
Upon the earth as lips kissing
An undeserving traveler
For the longest time
I’ve wanted to lay my cheek
Upon the sky and grab hold tightly
To cusp my hand
In such a way that I pulled it down
Upon my unsuspecting breast
Until every breath
Every sinew finally gave way
To one sigh
To that one moment
That hearkened upon
Such sweet sadness that
I could no longer yearn
Nor reach
Nor want
Nor run – nor hide
I could but receive
as you caressed my eye lids
sweet lover
will you not cradle my soul
within the bosom of your own
send me a message if you will meet me tonight
unbalanced am I
waiting for you

© 2020 Jennifer Brookins

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