By Jennifer Brookins

“Doug and I had no interest in each other as far as marriage was concerned. Little did we know what was coming down the road. Baba Ji told us we had a choice to marry in this life or take another birth to satisfy our karmic debt. Although we had known each other since 1968, the last thing either of us wanted was to marry, particularly to each other. The kicker was Baba Ji’s words,

‘Ki tuhanu iss jeevan vich viah na karan da faisla karna chahida ha, tusi ik duje nu aapne karman de darze nu pura karan layi ik hor janam lavoge.’

Translation: Should you decide not to marry in this life, you will take another birth to satisfy your karmic debt to each other.
We were stunned to say the least. I said I would never write another book after Tharon Ann, and that I would absolutely never marry again. Now here I am writing this book, married to this man. Baba Ji’s words left us little choice. He brokered our marriage and told us to meet the legal requirements of the United States, which we did. A minister performed a private ceremony in our home. For two weeks, none of our friends or work associates knew we were married. Several months later when he visited his American sangats, Baba Ji performed our ring ceremony Punjabi style. No sooner was it over than he whispered in Doug’s ear,
‘Tusi 2 saal deri naal ho.’ Translation: You are two years late.
One of our friends remarked that our initial union was more like Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Should you wonder how things worked out…so far so good.”

Excerpt from India With Backpack and a Prayer
by Jennifer Brookins, available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon

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