An Excerpt from “India with Backpack and Prayer”

When we were on the plane, a Sikh fellow sat down beside me, glanced over at Baba Ji’s picture in one of his books I was reading and asked,”Sister, do you know him?”I answered,”Yes I do.”He proceeded to tell me how miserable both sides of his family were because after five years of marriage his daughter had not become pregnant. He continued,”Sister, will you see Baba Ji soon?”I answered in the affirmative.He replied,”May I ask you another question?”By this time I was clueless as to where he was going with all this.I answered not realizing what his question would be,”Sure, why not.””Would you ask Baba Ji to give my daughter a baby? I would prefer a male child.”He was upset to the point of tears, but good grief no way was I going to do this. I finally told him if an opportunity presented itself, I would relay his message to Baba Ji. Several weeks later I told Baba Ji about the request. His answer was swift,“Je oh viakti kuch mahatavpuran chahunda ha te usnu ethe aana chahida ha, usane khud menu puchhya hai!” Translation: If the man wanted something that important, he should have come here and asked me himself! That ended that.