who is to question your ways
in a secret covenant every creature calls out
Beloved Beloved …Listen
how quiet is snow capped mountain
where honeysuckle grows wild
heliotrope clings to craggy rocks
snow goose finds refuge
until worldly clatter
flaps its nonsensical ideas
how smart they are
how beautiful
how witty
how cereal A is better than cereal B
poor little human heart
my every breath a last hurrah until I met you
O Weaver Ji
meet me tonight
in the gazebo

© 2020 Jennifer Brookins

Good Morning World

Wake up dear heart

the Divine Alchemist urges you to face life with boldness                              

kick up your heels, buttress up where love is concerned

give timidity its just reward… it’s made you so unhappy

start with a good bitch slap that should do it

afterward we’ll go skinny dipping

don’t be ashamed of nakedness

soul has no use for garments

woven from dark thought

Copyright © 2020 Jennifer Brookins


poetry by jennifer brookins

Heartache, you rapacious, marauding haunter nipping at the heels; you make every attempt to jackboot my day. Have you forgotten we no longer share the same bed – so anxious am I to meet the one who laughs within my soul. What happened to my old friend Raggedy Ann…my  diary filled with poetry written walking along river’s edge when life seemed too hopeless to go on. But on this wondrous autumn day her leaves – the color of ripe pimento, fall breathlessly in every corner of my garden; yesterday’s heartaches replaced with sonnets…I am humbled by their presence.

© 2020 Jennifer Brookins

Hello World

Night beckons me to lie down in the high grass, arms outstretched over my head towards a lantern glowing on a farmer’s back porch; his dog barks at the least little thing. I hold close a throbbing mother earth who patiently awaits her progeny; my face turned upwards to the infinity of stars in the Milky Way twinkling as shards of mirrored glass.

© Jen Brookins